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The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 53
Recorded: 4/28/2014
Duration: 30 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
Volunteering At - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Recorded: 4/27/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
Multiple sclerosis (MS), an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system, interrupts the flow of information within the brain...
Job Search Guide - Where Would You Really Like to Work?
Recorded: 4/26/2014
Duration: 14 Mins
There are a number of interview questions that give job seekers some trouble. One inquiry that may come up is, "Where would you really like to work?"...
Job Search Guide - Stealing With Your Eyes
Recorded: 4/25/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
Job seekers need to look for every edge they can get when looking to land that next great position. If you are able to get an interview with a potenti...
Management Decisions - Effective Onboarding
Recorded: 4/25/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Onboarding is an experience that most new hires and their managers experience in the first few days, weeks, or months of employment. In this process e...
Managers and those in leadership positions work to guide their team through projects, and help them grown in their positions. In today’s world colleag...
Employment Notebook - Being Productively Generous
Recorded: 4/22/2014
Duration: 14 Mins
When looking to succeed in our careers or advance in some way, a subconscious selfishness tends to take over our thoughts and actions. Adam Grant, Wha...
Moving Up the Ladder - Ace an Internal Interview
Recorded: 4/22/2014
Duration: 15 Mins
It’s time to make your next career move…within your organization. Internal interviews can be just as challenging as interviewing at a new organization...
I Want to Be a - Freelance Editor
Recorded: 4/21/2014
Duration: 23 Mins
Behind every great author is an editor that helped them shape their plot lines, refine their language, and create a publishable story. From children’s...
In trying to accurately assess the production and value of employees, companies devise a variety of tools to allow managers to objectively rate their...
Government Compliance - Similarly Situated in Compensation
Recorded: 4/20/2014
Duration: 27 Mins
Compensation analysis begins with a "snap shot" of data that is examined for disparities in pay. Education, skills, and experience may impact pay, but...
I Want to Be a - Pharmacist
Recorded: 4/19/2014
Duration: 24 Mins
The healthcare industry continues to grow and the use of medications has also sprouted over the years. The increased reliance on prescriptions require...
Employment Notebook - Avoiding Burnout
Recorded: 4/18/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Early mornings and late nights spent at work, panic attacks over missing deadlines for the smallest projects, and a never-ending pile of work just sou...
Job Search Guide - Changing Your Perspective on the Search
Recorded: 4/18/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Finding that next great position can be an arduous challenge, so when the hunt yields no result it may be time to change your whole perspective on how...
Moving Up the Ladder - Impact of Co-Worker Envy
Recorded: 4/15/2014
Duration: 13 Mins
Although jealousy is an instinctual reaction to things that happen in our lives, it can have long-term, negative effects in our professional careers....
Some employers continue to be skeptical when the idea of flexible work environments are brought up as a positive influence on employees and the compan...
It might be semantics to some, but differentiating between a purpose statement and a mission statement is a frame of mind and something that can alter...
At some point in your career it's likely that you will want to make a change, whether that is a lateral move or to a completely different industry. Th...
Job Search Guide - Why You’re a Boring Candidate
Recorded: 4/10/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
If you're struggling to even get a job interview, it's probably time to look in the mirror. Clearly, employers aren't getting excited about what you b...
Moving Up the Ladder - Fear's Poor Influence
Recorded: 4/9/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
While emotion may not always be bad in one's career, fear can be an overbearing detriment to an individual's potential. Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer is th...
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