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One City Early Learning Centers (One City) is a new preschool on Madison's South Side in September 2015. The school is located at 2012 Fisher Street, Madison, WI 53713. Visit us on the web at or on Facebook at

We are looking for fun, energetic, inspiring, nurturing and effective team members who have a passion and commitment for working with young children. We serve children ages 1 to 5 years old. Our hours of operation are 6:45am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. We offer very competitive salaries and benefits, healthy working conditions and a fun environment in which to work. 

One City's mission is to prepare young children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life, and to ensure they enter grade school reading-ready. Our vision is to cultivate happy, innovative and resourceful children who will empower others and change the world and their communities for the better. To this end, our goal is to ensure young children are prepared to read, compute and succeed at grade level by the time they reach first grade. We will achieve our aims by working in partnership with parents and the broader community to ensure children have access to a high quality education, employed and resourceful parents, healthy families and a network of community support.

One City provides a safe, caring and nurturing environment for young children, while cultivating their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and sociolinguistic needs. We use the Creative Curriculum as the basis of our learning and developmental program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Through our curriculum and educational program, we offer a literacy-rich environment, where children are exposed to language and words through age-appropriate reading, conversation, letter/number and word identification, and play. Teachers also use fun, age-appropriate lullabies, board books, song books/music, rhyming books, alphabet books and picture books to inspire a love of reading with children, and to broaden their awareness and interests. Children are read to daily, are guided to initiate, discover, experience and learn about ideas, events, people, nature and things, and learn to create, experiment, problem-solve and resolve conflicts.

Another exciting feature of our school: In 2016, One City was selected as the first preschool outside of Mainland China to implement the award-winning AnjiPlay curriculumClick here to read more, and visit Our teachers are being trained in this unique methodology and will eventually serve as trainers for other teachers across the USA who visit our facility.

All One City teachers participate in structured professional development annually, and have opportunities to extend their learning in areas of interest to them and their children. Our emphasis on early literacy development is an intentional effort to ensure children are prepared to become strong readers when in grade school, and to overcome extraordinary disparities and low levels of reading proficiency among school-aged children.

Children aren't the only ones who enroll in One City, parents do too. Through our Institute for Child Development, which will kick-off in September 2016, and a robust network of partnerships, One City will offer informative, insightful and fun seminars, workshops, special events and other learning activities for parents and the entire family. We will assist parents and their older children with accessing available educational and employment opportunities and supports in the Greater Madison community. We will also provide educational opportunities for parents, volunteers and community members to learn and share how they can help foster the positive growth and development of children, and ensure they are ready for, and succeeding in, grade school.

The Institute is being co-developed by Dr. Marianne Bloch, Professor Emerita at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Diana Grove, a teacher with the world renowned Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in Madison, with a growing number of community partners as well. These partners will continue to play key roles in the Institute going forward. When it launches in the fall, it will serve as a community-based professional development schools for parents and other care givers, early childhood and elementary school educators, community educators and volunteers, and leaders of schools and educational programs for children. 

If you are a hardworking, skilled and inspiring professional who is absolutely dedicated to promoting opportunities and eliminating barriers to success among young children, and if you believe we can empower the future and create a better world by investing in the education, development, and health and wellness of our youngest children today, then PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO JOIN OUR TEAM!

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