Company Overview

What is The Employer Group?
The Employer Group is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

PEO's partner with small to medium sized businesses to provide employee benefits, payroll, tax reporting, regulatory compliance, and human resource consulting.

The PEO manages the administrative complexities of employment. This allows you to get rid of unproductive paperwork!

The Employer Group's Mission Statement:

The Employer Group is committed to providing up-to-date, practical HR and payroll services to all its Clients and Employees, with all actions conducted with the highest integrity, ethical standards, and customer service.

What Is A PEO ?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) typically provides small and medium sized businesses with an outsourced solution to human resource management.

A PEO co-employs the employees at client worksites, sharing responsibility and liability for employee management. The client employer is responsible for onsite management, while the PEO is responsible for most human-resources activities. These services include payroll processing and payroll tax administration, providing workers' compensation insurance, providing comprehensive benefit packages, employment regulatory compliance and many other human resource consulting and administrative services.

The typical small business has a difficult time providing comprehensive human resource services and a competitive employee benefits package. Small businesses typically do not have the time and expertise necessary to research and administer the services and benefits that a PEO offers. A PEO assumes responsibility for these tasks and allows the small business owner to take those non-productive hours and turn them into business-related productive hours. In short, a PEO offers a small business the opportunity to provide better benefits, more effectively administer human resource issues, minimize regulatory risks, and refocus on its core business.

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The Employer Group
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