Company Overview
About Lavelle Industries:

Lavelle Industries was established in 1912, earning a national reputation for quality rubber parts. A privately-held, women-owned, vertically integrated manufacturer, Lavelle Industries offers a broad spectrum of materials and processing options including Lean manufactured solutions for custom molded rubber and plastic applications. We are a progressive, team-based organization built on a foundation of continuous improvement and employee engagement.

Due to a strong customer focus and mature quality management system, Lavelle has been ISO certified since 1998 and we are currently certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).

Our Culture:
As a job seeker in today’s market, you may ask yourself, what can Lavelle Industries offer to their employees that other companies do not? The answer is engrained in the culture of our organization. We consistently strive to find talented individuals who are invested in the growth of our business, as well as their own professional development. Lavelle takes pride in the strength and ambition of our employees and our aspiration is to be a company staffed with individuals who are problem-solvers, creative thinkers and innovators. Our company has the unique opportunity to offer a small business culture with a nationally recognized reach in our target market, which enables our employees to know that their voices and ideas are heard and that they have the opportunity to reach their professional goals. If you are tired of being “just a number” and are looking for a company where you are challenged and valued, then Lavelle Industries offers what you’ve been searching for and so much more.

Our Competitive Advantage:
Lavelle is equipped with a comprehensive array of molding equipment and an on-site R&D lab, where applications are taken from concept to completion. The R&D capabilities are complemented by outstanding tooling experience and molding capabilities which make Lavelle an expert in the rubber and plastic molding industry.
Lavelle is committed to Lean Manufacturing and has invested over $100,000 to provide Lean training for employees to successfully implement Lean tools and processes. This principle has become the foundation of our campaign to challenge every employee to strive for continuous improvement, leading to our ability to thrive in our industry, provide exceptional service to our customers and ensure sustainable results.

Our Industry:
Lavelle services a broad spectrum of industries across the globe including, appliance, furniture, hardware, automotive, computer, electronics, sporting goods and key to our success is the plumbing industry. As an expert in the plumbing industry, Lavelle offers a wide variety of innovative solutions for plumbing and water applications. Over fifty years ago, we revolutionized the industry with the launch of the very first toilet flapper, Korky®.

Our Products:
Custom Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing (OEM), Comprehensive line of Korky® Toilet Repair Products, Plumbing Repair Products Manufacturing.
Company Summary
Lavelle Industries
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